Julie, K
Miami Fl.
Thank you for all the great info. I found exactly what I needed and I filed form 8857 to the IRS and was able to transfer the whole IRS tax liability over to my ex-husband.

Chuck, P
New York, NY
I attempted to get innocent spouse relief, I thought I should qualify for Innocent spouse relief but the IRS said I didn't meet the proper requirements. I received my free consultation and realized my other options. My tax specialist set me up with an offer in compromise and I am only paying a fraction of what my original liability was.

Lisa, F
San Diego, CA
This stuff was way over my head, I knew I should not be held liable for the 40K that the IRS said I owed from my prior marriage. My tax professional got all the correct paperwork together for me and got it filed and I ended up settling in a period of 2 months. I now owe nothing. Great service, highly recommend.

Christine, V
Boston, MA
I wasn't sure if I would qualify for innocent spouse relief, I seemed to be a very questionable case. I got assistance filling out the paperwork and I ended up qualifying for equitable relief. Excellent specialists, I couldn't have done it on my own.

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